July 11, 2020

2013 Awards

2013 LEGION POSTSEASON AWARDS & HONORS                                           

2013 Massachusetts State Department Champions - Barnstable Post 206 (25-6)                                

Most Valuable Player - Dylan Morris, Barnstable Post 206                                           

Pitcher of the Year - George Bent, Barnstable Post 206 (9-2, 1.65 ERA, 66 Ks, 67.2 IP)                                      

Umpire of the Year - Peter Marciano                                     

Coach of the Year - Sean Walsh, Barnstable Post 206                                     

Executive of the Year - Sean Walsh, Barnstable Post 206                               

District 10 Batting Champion - David Murphy, Plymouth Post 40 (.473)                                  

2013 All-Star Game East MVP - Derek Estes, Barnstable Post 206; 2013 All-Star Game West MVP - John Carlson, Hingham                                   

2013 District 10 All-District Team                                          

PLAYER                               TEAM                                  POSITION             1ST/2ND TEAM

Dylan Morris                      Barnstable Post 206        OF                         1st

Everett Walsh                   Barnstable Post 206        OF                         1st

Ryan Litchman                  Barnstable Post 206        OF                         1st

Spencer McCaffrey          Barnstable Post 206        OF/RHP                1st

George Bent                      Barnstable Post 206        RHP                       1st

Mark Brodd                       Barnstable Post 206        2B                         1st

Dan Holzman                     Barnstable Post 206        RHP                       1st

Jack Harrington                 Barnstable Post 206        C                            1st

David Tarr                          Brockton Post 35             LHP                       1st

Matt Guillmette                  Brockton Post 35             OF                         1st

Nick Seropian                    Brockton Post 35             2B                         1st

Ryan Scripter                     Bridgewater Post 203     1B                         1st

Ryan Earle                          Hanover Post 149            1B/RHP                1st

Drew Caldwell                   Hanover Post 149            SS                          1st

Sean Greene                      Hingham Post 120           3B/RHP                1st

Robbie Madden                Hingham Post 120           LHP/2B                 1st

Eddie Bowler                     Hingham Post 120           1B                         1st

Kevin Minassian                Hingham Post 120           C                            1st

Kevin O'Brien                    Hawkeye A.C.                    SS/RHP                 1st

Zachary Schindler             Kingston Post 387            LHP                       1st

Mike Lundin                       Kingston Post 387            RHP                       1st

Devon King                        Kingston Post 387            OF                         1st

Adam Gay                          Kingston Post 387            UTILITY                1st

Mark Pomella                    Marshfield Post 88          SS                          1st

Sam Yost                            Middleboro Post 64        2B/3B                   1st

Josh Fickert                        Middleboro Post 64        RHP                       1st

Nick Taber                          Orleans Post 308              RHP/3B                1st

Will Shackelford               Orleans Post 308              2B/SS                    1st

Willy Boyd                         Orleans Post 308              OF                         1st

Steven Gerhart                 Pembroke Post 143         OF                         1st

Evan Morris                       Pembroke Post 143         C                            1st

Cody Holmes                     Plymouth Post 40            OF                         1st

Alex Rozak                         Plymouth Post 40            RHP/OF                1st

Dave Murphy                     Plymouth Post 40            SS                          1st

Ryan Brown                       Rockland Post 147           RHP/OF                1st

Matt Nicholson                 Rockland Post 147           OF                         1st

Zach Angelo                       Wareham Post 220          C/INF/OF             1st

Chris Carando                   Wareham Post 220          INF                        1st

Luke Mattar                       Wareham Post 220          C/INF                    1st

Tim Reilly                           Wareham Post 220          RHP                       1st

John Caliri                          Whitman Post 22             C                            1st

Evan Derocher                  Whitman Post 22             3B                         1st

Derek Estes                       Barnstable Post 206        SS                          2nd

Conor Walsh                      Barnstable Post 206        RHP                       2nd

Cody Pasic                         Barnstable Post 206        C                            2nd

Chris Fowler                      Barnstable Post 206        LHP                       2nd

Dan Walsh                         Barnstable Post 206        3B                         2nd

Kevin Fortin                       Bridgewater Post 203     RHP                       2nd

Corey Wasylow                Bridgewater Post 203     OF                         2nd

Joe Siever                           Brockton Post 35             OF                         2nd

Trevor Packard                 Brockton Post 35             C                            2nd

Ryan Kelleher                    Hanover Post 149            1B/OF/RHP         2nd

Jake Bennett                      Hanover Post 149            3B/C/SS               2nd

Ethan Forrest                    Hawkeye AC                      RHP/OF                2nd

Mike O'Conner                 Hawkeye AC                      1B                         2nd

Tom Landry                        Hingham Post 120           OF                         2nd

John Carlson                      Hingham Post 120           RHP                       2nd

Joe Leahy                           Hingham Post 120           SS                          2nd

Austin Irvin                        Hingham Post 120           OF                         2nd

Steve White                       Hingham Post 120           OF                         2nd

Corey Holmes                   Middleboro Post 64        OF/INF                 2nd

Tom Protentis                   Middleboro Post 64        OF/P                     2nd

Colin Ridley                        Orleans Post 308              3B/RHP                2nd

Stephen Brown                 Orleans Post 308              RHP/OF                2nd

Noah Johnson                   Orleans Post 308              DH/Utility            2nd

Jonathan Turner               Rockland Post 147           LHP/OF                2nd

Brian Dwyer                       Rockland Post 147           SS                          2nd

William "Wiley" Knight   Wareham Post 220          INF/C                    2nd