July 11, 2020

Aug 22 - 2019 District 10 Awards

MA District 10 – American Legion Baseball Announces 2019 Baseball Awards
FOR RELEASE: August 17, 2019
Barnstable, Plymouth, and Dukes Counties – District 10 (D10) has announced its 2019 Baseball All-Stars
and major award winners. For the second straight year, Brian Tomasini (Sandwich, MA) earned D10
Coach of the Year, as his Sandwich Post 188 team earned their program's 14th D10 title and finished as the
3rd best team in the state with an astounding 24-2 record this summer. As expected, all other major award
winners were from the D10 champions, as Tyler Wudyka (Sandwich HS) comfortably secured the
necessary votes to capture the 2019 District 10 Player of the Year and Joe Dorman (St. John Paul II HS)
earned the D10 Pitcher of the Year. Lastly, in his first year in the position, Carl Cavossa (Falmouth, MA)
was named the GM/Administrator of the Year with his efforts in handling the General Manager
responsibilities for Sandwich Post 188.
NOTE: Following the conclusion of the season, selection for the All-Stars and each of the major awards
were conducted when each of the district's fourteen senior baseball programs were provided the opportunity
to vote.
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Tyler Wudyka, Sandwich Post 188

Joe Dorman, Sandwich Post 188

Brian Tomasini, Sandwich Post 188

Carl Cavossa, Sandwich Post 188


Barnstable Post 206
1. Colby August, YOG 2020, St John Paul II HS, P
2. Ben Baxter, YOG 2020, St John Paul II HS, P/LF
3. Seref McDowell, YOG 2019, Sturgis East HS, CF (will be attending Anna Maria College)
4. Sean Roycroft, YOG 2020, St John Paul II HS, 1B
5. Andrew Williams, YOG 2018, Sturgis East HS, C/3B (attends Barton College)

Bridgewater Post 203
1. Jack Barry, YOG 2020, Bridgewater-Raynham HS, SS/P
2. Ryan Goonan, YOG 2020, Bridgewater-Raynham HS, 2B
3. Chris White, YOG 2020, Bridgewater-Raynham HS, C

Brockton Post 35
1. Landon Crowley, YOG 2021, West Bridgewater HS, CF
2. Cade Mitchell, YOG 2018, Southeastern Regional HS, 3B/OF
3. Ian Nadeau, YOG 2018, Brockton HS, P/SS (attends Massasoit Community College)
4. Peter Sylvia, YOG 2019, Brockton HS, 2B/P (will be attending Curry College)
5. Peyton Sylvia, YOG 2019, Brockton HS, OF (will be attending Curry College)

East Bridgewater Post 91
1. Nick Fabroski, YOG 2019, East Bridgewater HS, OF (will be attending MA Maritime Academy)
2. Jake Graham, YOG 2019, East Bridgewater HS, P (will be attending Merrimack College)
3. Matt Kelly, YOG 2020, Cardinal Spellman HS, 3B/P
4. Max Kelly, YOG 2020, Cardinal Spellman HS, SS/P
5. Thomas Kenn, YOG 2021, East Bridgewater HS, OF

Hanover Post 149
1. Carson Butler, YOG 2021, Hanover HS, SS
2. Ian Kirby, YOG 2021, Hanover HS, INF/P
3. Tucker Leslie, YOG 2020, Hanover HS, 3B/P
4. Anthony Nofi, YOG 2020, Hanover HS, OF/P
5. Jeremy Openshaw, YOG 2018, Hanover HS, DH/1B (attends UMass Amherst)

Hingham Post 120
1. Max Iorio, YOG 2021, Hull HS, P/OF
2. Matt Lahiff Jr., YOG 2021, Hingham HS, OF
3. Luke Linnehan, YOG 2020, Boston College HS, P/3B

Kingston Post 387
1. Ryan Bellew, YOG 2019, Archbishop Williams HS, C (will be attending Western New England College)
2. Connor Burges, YOG 2020, Silver Lake HS, 1B
3. Will Cauchon, YOG 2019, Silver Lake HS, LF (will be attending Massasoit Community College)
4. Mike Hurm, YOG 2020, Sacred Heart HS, INF
5. Chris Quigley, YOG 2022, Silver Lake HS, SS

Orleans Post 308
1. John Pontius, YOG 2019, Nauset Regional HS, OF
2. Drew Edson, YOG 2020, Monomoy HS, P
Pembroke Post 143
1. Daniel Elliott, YOG 2021, Xaverian Brothers HS, 3B/P
2. Ryan McIver Jr., YOG 2020, Pembroke HS, 1B/P
3. Owen Sullivan, YOG 2020, Marshfield HS, OF

Plymouth Post 40
1. Hunter Dean, YOG 2021, Plymouth South HS, 1B/P
2. Brendan Farrell, YOG 2018, Plymouth North HS, OF (attends Fitchburg State University)
3. Anthony Keefe, YOG 2019, Plymouth North HS, OF/P (will be attending Clark University)
4. Anthony Scampoli, YOG 2019, Plymouth South HS, P (will be attending UMass Amherst)
5. Aidan Smith, YOG 2019, Plymouth North HS, UTIL

Rockland Post 147
1. Jonathan Barr, YOG 2018, Rockland HS, CF (will be attending Massasoit Community College)
2. Brady Cristoforo, YOG 2021, Abington HS, P/DH
3. Aaron Siegel, YOG 2021, Abington HS, 3B/P
4. Aaron Steeves, YOG 2020, Rockland HS, OF
5. Gavyn White, YOG 2018, Rockland HS, OF (attends UMass Amherst)

Sandwich Post 188
1. Joe Dorman, YOG 2018, St John Paul II HS, P (attends Anna Maria College)
2. Chris Perito, YOG 2019, Falmouth HS, OF (will be attending MA Maritime Academy)
3. Ben Smith, YOG 2019, Bourne HS, P/OF (will be attending Worcester State University)
4. John Tropea, YOG 2019, Sandwich HS, OF/P (will be attending MA Maritime Academy)
5. Tyler Wudyka, YOG 2019, Sandwich HS, 1B/P (will be attending St Anselm College)

Wareham Post 220
1. Adam Breault, YOG 2019, Old Rochester HS, 1B (will be attending UMass Boston)
2. Michael Kennefick, YOG 2018, Old Rochester HS, P/3B
3. AJ Lecuyer, YOG 2019, Wareham HS, C (will be attending Bridgewater State University)
4. Noah Maxwell, YOG 2020, Old Rochester HS, P
5. Matthew Pearle, YOG 2019, Wareham HS, OF/P (will be attending Anna Maria College)

Whitman Post 22
1. Jack Allen, YOG 2020, Archbishop Williams HS, P/INF
2. Derek Frank, YOG 2019, Whitman-Hanson HS, OF/C (will be attending MA Maritime Academy)
3. Cam Gray, YOG 2019, Whitman-Hanson HS, P/1B
4. Ryan Schwede, YOG 2019, Whitman-Hanson HS, P/OF (will be attending Endicott College)
5. Chris Zalewski, YOG 2020, Whitman-Hanson HS, OF